Casino Free Spins Bonus: Brave enough to play the game?🎃

If it catches you moving – you’ll be eliminated🎃

Monfis, you have been chosen to participate in the “Red Pumpkin, Green Pumpkin” tournament. If you want to get a cash prize from the €3,000 and 3,000 Free Spins Bonus pool – then make it to the finish.

There is a pumpkin standing with its back to you at the finish line. From time to time, it will turn to examine the area for motion, and if it catches you moving – you will be eliminated.

There are only two rules: don’t let the pumpkin catch you moving🚷 and make the largest amount of bets in the qualifying games till October 31, 2021 to win the tournament.

Dare to play the game? Beware of the pumpkin, we warned you💀

PLAY THE GAME and Get your Free Spins Bonus.